Martha Belcher


There will be no miracles here 


Successful entrepreneurship is rarely a get-rich scheme. Even with a fantastic product, money in the bank, and a kick-ass marketing strategy, there's no guarantee of a win. To succeed, entrepreneurs must have a clear vision, an achievable execution plan, the ability to prioritize, a handy toolbox of skills and resources, and a small bulldozer to eliminate constraints and obstacles. As your business advisor, I help you get out of the weeds and into the business of growing a thriving impactful business. 

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Growth Planning

Ready to take your enterprise to the next level? I'll help you get ready: operational clean-up, removing constraints and bottlenecks, getting razor sharp on your financials, and planning your growth execution plan. Also, critically, I offer support to help you maintain your sanity and avoid burnout while scaling your business. 

Engagements run from 3 - 6 months

From Solopreneur to CEO

I help you navigate the timing, strategy and financial feasibility of taking your work to the next level of scale and professionalization. The goal is to replace you as the center of the business with infrastructure, staff and systems so you can focus ON the business instead of IN the business. 

Minimum engagement 3 months. 


Code red clean-up

Do you have an organizational mess that needs clean-up, stat? Your mess could fall into one of many categories–strategic, financial, operational, human, or cultural. Over the course of one day, we will deconstruct the mess, shed what doesn't serve, define an execution plan to get you back on your feet, and identify new systems and habits to make your enterprise more resilient. 

One Day engagement

leadership coaching

Need a neutral sounding board and thought partner to help you make smart decisions for your company? I bring my professional wisdom, operational experience and emotional intelligence to support your leadership development and professional growth.  

Engagements start with a 3 month commitment

Group Program

I offer a six month program designed to support small & micro-entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in a facilitated circle of peers. A new group is starting in September 2018 in Berkeley. More information here


 demystifying financials

Do you look at the financials your accountant sends you every month? (The font is so small!) I help translate your company financials into a functional tool that helps you make better strategic decisions and forecast your growth. Gaps in your financial literacy? I can help with that, too. 

This short engagement is an economical way to deeply understand your business so you can make better decisions.