Martha Belcher


Tooling for Growth:

a group program for entrepreneurs


Group starting September 2018 in Berkeley


"My partner and I, two artists with minimal knowledge of the business world, started our business
nine years ago. By year nine, we were struggling with our growth and vision. Martha changed all of that for us!
She gave us a mini business school experience and opened our eyes to the power and
knowledge of numbers! She also encouraged us to think outside of the box on ways to monetize our
endless creativity and energy. Martha was a total game changer!"

As a growth strategist and business advisor, I work with some of the most visionary, creative and driven entrepreneurs I've ever met. How did they become successful? Not one of them followed a traditional path towards business ownership. They're successful because of their vision and creativity. And because they asked for help to translate their vision and passions into a vibrant growing business. 

Join me in building your business toolbox, one that will fill in your skill gaps, address constraints and bottlenecks in your growing enterprises, and help you gain the confidence to scale your business for greater impact in your community and the world. 

We will meet once a month for six months. During each working session, I will introduce a toolbox item that you can immediately apply to your business, then we will take turns presenting our business challenges and receiving feedback, resources, and advice. In the process, we will coalesce as a peer advisory group, one that will hopefully continue long past this formal group. 

Here are just a few of the toolbox topics we will explore

  • How your financials can help you make smart strategic decisions
  • Forecasting: how to build a fluid forecast that helps you plan
  • Key Metrics: what are they and why are they important
  • Pricing: create pricing structures and revenue models that reflect true costs and appropriate margins
  • Hiring: when to hire, who to hire, how to afford a hire, and managing a staff
  • Raising capital: how to think about investing in your business

Wondering if this program is for you? If you answer Yes to any of these questions, then I encourage you to join. 

  • Do you feel like an accidental entrepreneur? 
  • Are you struggling to understand what your financials are saying about your business? 
  • Is your list of business development tasks so long that you feel paralyzed? 
  • Are you keen to build and execute a growth plan for your business? 
  • Feeling isolated and in need of a group of peers who will support you and help you with business challenges? 
  • Do you pay yourself? A living wage? When there's cash? 
  • Do you want to grow your business so you can have a greater positive impact in your community? 

Logistics and signing up

If this program sounds like the right fit for you, please fill out a short questionnaire to let me know that you're interested. If you have questions or would like to learn more about the program, please complete the questionnaire first, then drop me a line at 

The cost of the program is $800 and includes an initial call with Martha, 6 working sessions, plus lots of tools, templates, and resources. Maximum number of participants is 10. Discounts are available for co-owners who both want to participate. 

The program will begin in September 2018 and end in March 2019. Meeting dates and location will be finalized after group is formed.