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About Martha

For 20+ years, I have helped mission-driven businesses and social enterprises grow and thrive. Think of me as an engine room for visionary entrepreneurs. And while I'm a healthy skeptic when it comes to the corporatization of our lives, I am a huge fan of entrepreneurs who use their businesses as a tool for positive social change. 

My career has ranged from environmental and human rights activist (Friends of the Earth Indonesia, Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network), convener of conscious enterprise networks and events (Social Venture Network, Social Venture Institute), and founding employee of multiple start-ups (Sungevity, David Brower Center, Social Venture Institute, Borneo Project). 

As the founding employee at Sungevity, I built the infrastructure and team that launched Sungevity into one of the fastest growing residential solar companies in the U.S.. By 2010, Sungevity was a $100 million company and I was leading six departments and over 150 employees, working to install thousands of solar installations across the U.S.. I lived and breathed chaos, spent my days putting out fires, and relied on adrenaline to keep me going. It’s no surprise that I also experienced the devastating effects, both professional and personal, of burnout. Since then, I have dedicated my work to helping entrepreneurs grow their enterprises with strategic efficiency, with passion, and with balance. 

While my roots are from the northeast, I have lived in Berkeley, CA for nearly half my life. I'm ten minutes from hiking trails, less than an hour from the beach, at the epicenter of a food movement, and part of a community that is dedicated to creating a world where all may flourish. 

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