Martha Belcher

Retooling for Growth

helping world-changing businesses to grow
and visionary leaders to thrive


Growth Planning

Ready to grow? 
Utilizing a toolbox filled with diagnostic, planning, operational, and confidence-building tools, I work with clients to remove constraints and build simple and effective paths for growth: 

  • Organizational infrastructure that is flexible and expands with growth
  • Financial dashboards and key metrics that inform strategy and decision-making
  • Pricing strategies and revenue models that reflect true costs and grow margins
  • Leadership strategies that inspire teams, reinforce healthy company cultures, and mitigate burnout


Operational housekeeping

Feeling overwhelmed or stuck? 
It might be time to deep-clean your business. I'll help you find the skeletons, identify the elephants, and remove the friction to healthy growth. Remember, you can only grow as fast as your biggest constraint. 



business problem-solving

Did your path to entrepreneurship miss a few business fundamentals? 
Let's take a few steps back and fill in the gaps  so you can move forward with confidence, leadership and a strong business toolbox. 



crisis management

Did the sh** just hit the fan? 
I can help you navigate a path back to sanity while identifying unseen opportunities that often emerge from a crisis.  



leadership COACHING

Does business ownership leave you feeling isolated?
I can provide a neutral and emotionally intelligent sounding board to help you strategize and execute on key business decisions. 



Let's talk.

Coffee (and the first conversation) is on me. You can tell me about the joys and challenges of running a business. I'll give you some feedback and we'll figure out next steps.